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No. This is my rage blog.

I come here to rant about the endless amounts of shit that pisses me off about the world. If you happen across my site and disagree with some of my opinions and you feel the need to message me your thoughts, don't.

You'll only be wasting both of our time because I don't care and no amount of your stupid whining is going to change how I feel. Instead, I will direct you to your local old creeper and you can go suck his dick, because there's no way you're sucking mine. Have a whimsical day.

27th March 2012


If this usage of racism to combat racism isn’t stopped soon, I give up all hope on the future.

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22nd March 2012

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Equality is the new bigotry.

Did you guys know that if you believe in EQUAL rights between sexes, races, etc. that means you’re a huge, discriminatory bigot?

Yup. That’s how it is according to the idiotic people of Tumblr (and I’m sure a lot of other places, too, but mostly on this site because everyone here is a fucking retard…)

Oh! Let’s not forget that the people of Tumblr have given new meanings to old terms! ‘Feminism’ now refers to the belief that women are superior to men and should have more rights than them. And ‘racism’ has been transformed into a mathematical formula, “power + prejudice = racism”. And it applies to every race in the world except for caucasian. Even in countries where whites are the minority. Aren’t double standards adorable!?

So, if you believe that women are equal to men and should have the exact same rights as them, you’re a sexist. If you’re white and believe blacks and every other race are equal to you and deserve the same amount of respect as you, you’re a racist. Actually, you were racist the instant you were born white. 

In a perfect world free of bigotry, women will be able to walk all over men and whites will be an enslaved race, because apparently we are indebted to them for something that was done hundreds of years before any of us were even a thought. 

Okay, all sarcasm aside.. (Yes, everything I said thus far has been sarcasm. If you didn’t get that, you really need your ass kicked..) If your major concern right now is combating something that isn’t even real, you should consider yourselves lucky because OBVIOUSLY you live very charmed lives. If things weren’t going well for you in life, you would be bitching about something a hell of a lot more important. 

Racism is an issue. I’m saying that right now so no one can claim that I don’t believe that. But, when you run around and shout “RACISM!” at everything, you are not helping matters at all. You’re pissing people off and you’re hurting the cause. You’re also making yourself look like a fucking retard. After a while, everyone’s just going to start ignoring you. Then, when you have an ACTUAL problem, no one’s going to help you. 

I’m sure your ancestors would be absolutely livid to find out that their successors were being so ungrateful for what they have. What you guys want is NOT ‘equality’, you want superiority. And I highly doubt you really give a shit about the past or what your ancestors went through. You only bring them up as a trump card to get what you want. At any other time, you couldn’t care less about them. It’s really funny how transparent you morons are. Well, if you want to continue making yourselves look stupid and giving yourselves something to look back on and be ashamed of, be my guest. I can’t stop you.

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5th March 2012

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No such thing as “racism against whites”?

I read the most interesting thread of posts earlier. Basically someone was being attacked for stating that using the words “cracker” and “whitey” are no different than using words like “nigger” and “porch monkey” or whatever. 

Then the pussy squad that is the majority of Tumblr comes along and immediately labels the guy a “racist” and claims that it’s not the same because white people are not an oppressed race and there is “no such thing as racism against white people.”

Are you fucking kidding me? The people on this website are the most retarded dipshits in the fucking WORLD, I swear to god. First of all, shit like this is what us non-retarded people call a “double standard,” because last time I checked, caucasian is a RACE. So yes, “racism against whites” IS a fucking thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a widespread sentiment or not. It’s not like there’s a minimum number of people that have to join the White Racist club in order for it to be sanctioned by the Bigot Society. 

Someone else mentioned that there is no such thing as white racism because whites are not oppressed and black people are. Umm, no they aren’t. Not in this country. You’re about several centuries behind, idiot. Do you see white people pulling black people around by a leash out in public? Do you see white people trading blacks like they’re objects? No, you don’t. Black people have just as many rights as white people do now. Let me make this perfectly clear: NONE OF US were involved with slavery. Our ancestors were, but NOT US. Whites are not still indebted to blacks for what happened way back then. No present-day blacks were slaves and no present-day whites were their masters. Do you get it now, you stupid fucks? White people don’t deserve to be walked on by black people because of something that happened long before any of us were even BORN.

If you’re going to run around pointing fingers and screaming “RACIST” at every little thing, you deserve to get your ass kicked. Pick your battles, otherwise no one’s going to waste their time on you when something serious is actually going down. If you’re going to get so worked up over the smallest shit, you DESERVE to be miserable. No one is going to reward you for being a whiny little pussy and no one is going to apologize to you because you were offended by the way they were breathing, so suck it up and shut the fuck up already.

And at the end of the day, you assholes have the nerve to consider yourselves “open minded”? Wrong, bitch. You’re about as open minded and welcoming as Hitler is. It doesn’t matter if you hate black people or if you hate white people, bigotry is bigotry. If you think respecting those you think are “oppressed” and hating the “privileged” is anything different, that proves how much of a fucking moron you are. And I seriously hope you smarten up before your parents let you out of your cage and into society. In the case that you’re an ADULT who thinks like this, that’s pretty goddamn pathetic. You’re a fucking nazi.

There are so many people on here that pride themselves one being open minded and giving everyone equal respect and they’re probably the biggest closed-minded bigots I’ve ever seen. According to an alarming amount of you people, you believe equal rights means respecting women and shitting on men, calling fat people ‘beautiful’ and telling skinny people they’re ‘ugly’ and ‘disgusting’. Logic like that proves you’re not better than the people you criticize and you’re just as much of a bigot as they are.

I know I’ll probably get labeled a racist for this post, but I honestly don’t care. Anyone who thoroughly reads this through and still thinks I’m a racist is obviously a  stupid motherfucker and shouldn’t be taken seriously anyway.

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